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About Me

I'm Natasha, born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I'm a Registered /Licensed Dietitian in the Dallas area. I work as a field consultant in Long Term Care facilities with Nutritious Lifestyles while helping a population that I love, the elderly. I began my work in nutrition while attending Prairie View A&M University. Like most I was completely clueless about what I wanted to do in college. With the help of great mentors and research I found a way I could take two of my passions, food and healthcare and turned it into a career. My day to day duties include educating residents on diets and meal plans, providing interventions for residents with weight changes and wound healing. Also providing nutrition to tube fed residents.

This job requires some degree of organization. I'm a planner, pen and paper, "give me the physical book, get that Kindle away from me" type of girl. AND my obsessiveness to detail makes for a great trip planner. 

This site is all about my experiences with food and traveling, while trying to bring some nutrition expertise along the way. It also focuses on planning. I have so much fun traveling internationally, but I truly enjoy the prep portion. Let me help you with the annoying part so you can truly love, live, and enjoy your trip. Check out my "Trip Planner" page for details.

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