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Abundant Living: My 21 Day Meditation Experience

Creating Abundance with Deepak Chopra. When I was first introduced to this challenge I was intrigued but reluctant. 1, I don't know how to be still, 2, why?, because I enjoy writing. I enjoy reading. I enjoy planning. But I don't think I can clear my mind for any amount of time to breathe. BUT I did it was amazing! With each meditation came a task to complete. Whether it was signing a contract, speaking and manifesting abundance, writing people who influenced you, or writing down who hurt you. Each meditation included a challenge. In the beginning every challenge was extremely emotional but with each day things that were triggering began to become less difficult and more gratifying.

A turning point happened during the last week of meditation. Whew Chile, Day 15 was a day: Writing a letter with thanks and recognition to someone who hurt you. Woosah! As crazy as the tasked seemed, I took it on. After someone has hurt you, we associate all negative things to them; forgetting maybe why you fell for them, why they became your bff, how they became your fav co-worker; dismissing their good qualities entirely. Obviously this is helpful in letting that person go, but maybe not for your healing. It was nice writing good things about a person.

I'm notorious for turning things into a "Type A" structure. I did find it satisfying accomplishing each task and checking it off my planner, and it was freeing letting things be what they were and removing your attachment to the outcome of your efforts. This challenge happened during The Rona, during the protest, during the police brutality, and during an emotional time for me. So when going through all this, every show on Netflix, every couple walking through the park, every cop car you pass by becomes TRIGGERING. Meditating prompted emotions, but forced me to deal with issues, and release my anxiety. Pushed me to focus on my passions, and redirected my energy to this blog. Thanks so much to Bri for supplying this experience. Check out her amazing blog at I'm creating abundance now, knowing I have everything I need to accomplish my goals.

- Tasha's Taste of Travel

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