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Afropunk in Africa

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

When you can finally enjoy that music festival with your people. Afropunk was a vibe.

You know that moment you're at Jambyla or another musical festival, the only black face among a sea of others? "My bitch is bad and bougee, cookin up dope with the oozie, My nigg...... (cringe). What a relief to not even worry about it.

Afropunk is a 2 day festival, with music, food, and fun. Rooted in punk DIY culture, speaking of DIY, get into my flower crown. I felt so fabulous lol.

Day 4: Afropunk

I'm introduced to some amazing artist the "JazziDeciples" and "Busiswa"


I really appreciated how the locals hyped their artist. The call and answers were so infectious.

Day 5: MASEGO MASEGO HAPPY NEW YEAR. It was really cool bringing in the new year in South Africa.

One of the best shows I've seen, but what else would you expect? Masego is truly an amazing artist. I think most people fall in love after their first listen.

I think I'll pass on all other festivals unless its AFROPUNK!

"Afropunk stands for No tolerance for prejudice, violence, or abuse

Afropunk stands for Dialogue concerning gender, race, ability, class, and sexual orientation differences, assessing privilege, mapping how we navigate through and view the World

Afropunk stands for a space for self reflection and open minds, a space for respect and stuading up for what we believe in"

--Tasha's Taste of Travel

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