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Did Somebody Say TACOS?

It's Texas GIRL, we eat TACOS and I'm no exception. It's our favorite after clubbing, sleeping, drinking, anythinging food choice. There's so many options. The one and only Dallas staple, Fuel City, everyone's new favorite Mexican food find, Birria Tacos, and my fav vegan taco from Juice Babe. I could go on and on! My God! I didn't know tacos could get any better.

Fuel City has been the taco plug since I can remember.

I'm mad I haven't been dipping my tacos in Birria before. Somebody somewhere should have told me. Chilango's offers some great birria on the weekends. Must Try.

Juice Babe has this amazing burrito, the Impossible meat wrap with tomato sauce, arugula, microgreens, and himalayan salt.

Now, lets talk nutritive value

Corn vs Flour (1 tortilla)

Flour Tortilla ~100 kcal, 15 g Carbohydrates, 2.3 g Total Fat

Corn Tortilla ~60 kcal,10 g Carbohydrates, <1 g Total Fat

The numbers show the slight differences but the true comparison is the digestive benefit. Corn Tortillas are higher in fiber which would in turn improve digestive health and motility.

Protein (1 oz)

Chicken ~30 kcal, 6.5 g Protein, 18 mg Sodium

Beef ~50 kcal, 8.7 g Protein, 18 mg Sodium

Pork ~35 kcal, 6.4 g Protein, 52 mg Sodium

Onions are high in Vitamin C and B vitamins. Also a good source of Potassium and antioxidants.

Cilantro, dark green leafy vegetable high in Vitamin K and very low in calories. Now after knowing these nutrition facts can't you see why tacos are a must.

"I oppose Taco Tuesday, only because it sends the message that other days aren't for tacos." Lets eat!

-Tasha's Taste of Travel

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