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The food did not disappoint!!!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Lets talk FOOD, my favorite thing in the world.


First food stop, RocaMamas near Rosebank. The food was okay, I had the Belgium Chocolate G-Shake, BCG Turkey Burger, and cheese fries. It was a long flight I deserved it. I think more than anything I enjoyed the atmosphere and the service. We ate on this cute little patio area on a beautiful day.

After a long night we hit "Addiccio 24" our international "Waffle House"experience. I tried the spinach, tomato, chicken pizza. I don't know if the food was amazing or if I was drunk and needed the carbs and fat. I have no food etiquette anyway but this night I think I might have scared the locals. I went IN.

At the Soweto towers we have Braai, traditional South African BBQ at Cafe Pozi.

Marinated chicken, pork, steaks, and sausage. We also have Fufu and Jollof Rice. I ate way to much of this. The best part was this amazing spicy sauce that frankly, I put on everything.

On our way to the Safari, we stop by a gas station and I find these gems, Caribbean Onion & Balsamic Vinegar Lays. WE NEED THESE CHIPS!!! If I ever find them at my local Kroger, girl I'm buying all of them.

Check out some of the meals and foods I had during the Safari.

We tried Wild Sour Plum. Imagine a tart grape with a large seed.

"Zebra Crossing" introduces me to the Boerewors Roll (Traditional South African Dish) This is typical dish eaten after a safari game drive. Boerewors is a sausage made typically from lamb and pork. Prepared by grilling in a large spiral, served hot dog style, it taste like brautwurst.

Though it is technically a South African specialty, it is derived from the Dutch, the colonizers who invaded the area.

Rooibus Tea or Red Tea is Caffeine Free, improves vision and bone health. My fav morning drink right now. Wish it came in a pod so I can put my Kerug to use again.

This vendor at Afropunk provided the Mutton Curry:

Sheep Meat prepared in curry, ginger, shallots, chili, and spices. I've had lamb before but first time trying mutton. I really enjoyed it. Super tender, full of flavor and spice.

Maboneng Precinct was such a artsy area, painted streets, grafetti walls, and plenty of food and bars. Pata Pata was the best food by far!!!!

6 Queen Prawns, butternut squash, rice, and greens. I LOVE seafood, so I had to get into the Prawns and the mussels. WOW!!! The garlic butter had this lemon spice, the prawns were perfectly cooked, and super juicy. I want more!

Mussels served with a white wine, garlic, and leek sauce.

Butternut Squash

Strawberry Daiquiri


The Cape of Africa had even more variety.

First Stop Simply Asia for some Tom Yum Soup & chicken and shrimp dumplings

Everything Spicy is what I say!!

On the pier is a cute little spot, QuayFour!

Spatchcock Chicken, first time having chicken prepared this way. Really good, I just wish I had that spicy sauce from our Braai.

One of my passions reviewed, FOOD.

-Tasha's Taste of Travel

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