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You Grow, Girl!

My Patio Garden Experience.

So I've talked about doing a raised vegetable garden for some time and finally here I am. I literally had no experience with gardening or crops other than my in classroom general education from younger years. I say that to say when I saw actual leaves forming from the seeds I planted I was LIT. Like girl I'm a whole farmer LOL. After a lot of research I completed my Vegetable Patio Garden.

I started with some help from my dad. He's so handy so when I asked for a box for vegetables I didn't expect this giant ass thing. But my daddy is amazing so I shouldn't be too surprised.

For my soil mix I used 2 bags of Vegetable Garden Soil, a bag of Compost, and a bag of Peat Moss.

With this Texas heat I selected crops that love sun and foods that I eat and prepare regularly. At the plant store I was overwhelmed with options and desires to try everything, but my inexperience brought me back to earth. I settled on tomatoes, basil, lettuce, and spinach.

My tomatoes and basil went directly into my soil mixture in my patio box. But my spinach and lettuce required indoor germination.

I took small pots, filled with my soil mix I discussed earlier, planted 6-8 seeds of both spinach and lettuce in separate containers, covered with more soil mix, watered, and lastly placed in a south facing window for 2 weeks. The results....

The spinach is taking much longer to germinate, so I moved on without it. :(

After the 2 week period I re-planted my lettuce into my patio box. The final result.

I'm excited to harvest my basil tomorrow, they're poppin and I'm so proud. Harvesting my lettuce in the next 6-8 weeks. Lastly my tomatoes in 8 weeks. This has been an enjoyable and relaxing experience. I'd recommend everyone try out their green thumbs. I have a passion to create a community garden and this experience has only strengthened that desire. Increasing black peoples access to fresh produce directly affects and improves health within that community. Lets get growing yall.

-Tasha's taste of Travel

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